Северанс Холл, Кливленд

Two highly expressionistic thrillers masterfully staged in partnership with The Joffrey Ballet.  Both pieces focus on the tragic, dark passions between men and women.  

The Miraculous Mandarin is a sumptuous, erotic ballet telling a fantastical tale of a girl forced to act as a decoy by thugs, luring a wealth mandarin to his tragic fate. Bartók’s ballet is equally as gripping and powerful — and as controversial — as when it first premiered.

Bluebeard's Castle is based on folk legends and infused with folk melodies.  Bartók’s only opera depicts the aging aristocrat Bluebeard and his young bride Judith entering a vast dark hall of his castle.  Vowing to bring sunlight and joy into the castle, Judith insists on opening seven locked doors, but instead makes a series of terrifying discoveries that seals her own fate.

At a Glance
BARTÓK - The Miraculous Mandarin
BARTÓK - Bluebeard’s Castle